Dr. P. Udaya ShankarCoordinator
Dr. A.V.S. Sastry Member
Dr. N. Usha Rani Member
Dr. K. Sita Kumari Member
Dr. Saroj Kumar Raul Member
Mr. K. Jagadish Member

Roles and Responsibilities of College core committee

The College Core Committee is constituted to plan, review and implement policies made by the Governing Body and give strategic direction to the college.

The Committee meets once in every month to discuss the academic performance and to take decisions on all matters.

It is responsible to conduct examinations in conformity with the rules of Andhra University.

Budgetary proposals are reviewed by the Committee.

Proposals for recruitment of staff, variation in intake, new courses and implementations of faculty development and career advancement programmes are discussed.

Dr.K.Sita KumariCoordinator
Dr.Saroj Kumar RaulMember

Roles and Responsibilities of Programme Assessment & Quality improvement committee

To develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic standards/performances of the institution.

To promote measures for best teaching-learning practices.

To conduct awareness meetings at regular intervals for faculty, non teaching staff and students so as to make them fully aware of the importance of quality improvement, quality assurance standards and peer review processes.

To provide feedback and recommendations to the Principal with regard to all issues related to program assessment and quality improvement processes from time to time.

o Maintenance of College Operational Manual.

o Strategic planning for the institution.

o Policy development on the basis of SWOT analysis.

Dr. P. Udaya Shankar, PrincipalCoordinator
Dr. K. Sita KumariMember

Roles and Responsibilities of Grievance Redressal committee

To attend promptly on the receipt of written grievances from the students and staff.

To deal with all the academic and administrative grievances at institute level.

To review the cases attended and the number of pending cases, if any, which require guidance from the management.

Redressal Mechanism

An aggrieved student or staff who has the grievance shall make an application first to the Principal or respective class teacher

The committee will meet within 24 hours from the receipt of the complaint

The Principal endorses the preliminary enquiry process to other committee members.

The committee members make appropriate recommendations to the Principal within the stipulated time. On approval by the Principal final decision is communicated.

The nature of punishment includes counseling, warning, informing the parents, and suspension/rustication depending on the severity of the grievance.

Dr. A.V.S. Sastry Coordinator
Mr.S.Siva Krishna Member
Mr.L.Muthyala NaiduMember

Roles and Responsibilities of Library committee

To play a very important role regarding the library in its support for teaching, learning, research and other academic activities in the college.

To initiate various processes such as identification, evaluation and procurement of required resources.

To facilitate awareness programs for students on the library resources and e-content.

To discuss and evaluate budgetary requirements for resources like text books, journals, databases, media, e-resources etc.

To review library policies for instruction, resources, services, facility and update accordingly.

Dr. K.Sita Kumari Coordinator
Dr.Saroj Kumar Raul Member
Mr. K.Jagadish Member
Mrs. G.Gowri Member
Mrs.P.Chaitanya Member
Mr. S.Sai Raju Member

Roles and Responsibilities of admissions committee

The committee looks after the student admission process for the programs of the college.

Reviews admission requirements for the programs annually.

Offers assistance to students from remote areas during the admissions process

Reviews the list of allotted candidates on the APSCHE website.

Supervises procedures for filing, reporting, and verifying certificates.

Dr.M.Nalini Coordinator
Dr.K.Sita Kumari Member
Mr.K.Jagadish Member
Dr.S.Rajeswari Member
Mrs.G.Gowri Member
Mrs.V.V.Deepthi Member

Roles and Responsibilities of Research & Development Cell

The committee shall promote research and development activities by motivating students and members of faculty for publishing research papers and filing patents

To acquaint the students on technological innovations and the future prospects for survival in a Pharma industry.

Recognizing the interest in the students and encourage accordingly.

Promote and motivate students to organize and attend conference/workshops/ Seminars/Training.

Dr.K.Sita Kumari Coordinator
Mr. S. Sai Raju Member
Mr. P. Madhu Member
Mr. Pardha saradhi Member
Mrs A Venkata Lakshmi Member
Mr. Ravi Member

Roles and Responsibilities of maintenance committee

To monitor the works like civil constructions, civil maintenance and sanitary/plumbing/water.

To monitor electrical & general maintenance, fabrications, furnishings & furniture works, campus networking and housekeeping.

Mrs. A. Sasikala Coordinator
Mr.K.Jagadish Member
Mrs.A.Lakshmi Usha Member
Mrs. E.Radha Rani Member
Dr.M.Nalini Member
Mrs. G. Lekhya Member
Mrs.P.Chaitanya Member

Roles and Responsibilities of the Disciplinary Committee

To check students for improper dressing, usage of mobile phones during the class hours, roaming in corridors during class hours.

Leaving the campus without the permission of class teacher, misbehaving with other students and faculty, the disciplinary committee has the right to warn and impose punishments as recommended.

Faculty Members

Mr. L. Krishna raju Coordinator
Dr. A. V. S. Sastry Member
Dr. M.NaliniMember
Mrs. G. Vasavi Member
Mrs. G. Lekhya Member
Mr. V. Srinivasa rao Member
Mr. Ch. Sri Charan Member
Mrs. P. Chaitanya Member
Mrs. S. Kinnera Member

Students Members

Ch. Bhuvan B-3 Member
N. Yamini B-3 Member
K. Sagar B-2Member
M. Bhagyasri B-2 Member
Y. D. Rajsekhar B-1 Member
T. Vinay Kumar Member
B. Bhavana M-2 Member
M. Bhanuteja D-1 Member

Roles and Responsibilities of Placement Committee

- Contacting the recruiting companies regularly for campus placement.

- Conducting campus recruitments.

- Arranging guest lectures from industry and academic to deliver update knowledge/skill to students and faculties.

- Arranging industrial visits, training and industry projects to impart practical knowledge and industry practices.

- Conducting career awareness programmes by professionals.

- Conducting soft skill programmes, personality development sessions to students by experts from the industry.

- Conducting mock written, group discussions and mock interviews.

- To organize programmes to create awareness on the importance of higher studies.

- To motivate and guide the students for preparation of GPAT, PGECET, TOEFL, GRE, examination for the post of Drug inspectors and related competitive examinations.

- To encourages students to participate in seminars, workshops to improve their knowledge and other related skills

Dr.K.Sita Kumari Coordinator
Dr.A.V.S.Sastry Member
Dr.N.Usha Rani Member
Dr.Saroj Kumar Raul Member
Mr. K.Jagadish Member
Mr. S.Sai Raju Member

Roles and Responsibilities of Finance Committee

Make an annual budget on the requirements of the college like examination section, laboratory requirements, office, repairs and maintenance etc

Examine and scrutinize the annual budget of the college and to make recommendations on financial matters.

Consider the statements of accounts and to review the finances of the college from time to time. Monitor the finance compliance with the budget.

Negotiate with the vendors and place the purchase order accordingly.

Monitor the work associated with accounts, fees, social welfare processing, auditing related activities, payments, statutory deductions, advances, and reimbursements-TA, DA, and others.

Mrs.A.Lakshmi Usha Coordinator
Mr.K.Jagadish Member
Dr.M.Nalini Member
Mrs.A.Sasikala Member
Mrs.V.V.Deepthi Member
Mrs. S.Kinnera Member

Roles and Responsibilities of anti-ragging committee

To build a ragging free environment in the campus.

The committee members engage themselves in checking hostels, canteen, classrooms, and other places.

To conduct anti ragging awareness programs periodically.

To educate senior students about the after effects of ragging and related punishments.

To create awareness among students by displaying anti ragging banners

Ms. A. Lakshmi Usha Coordinator
Dr. K. Hari Member
Dr. S. Rajeswari Member
Ms. E. Radha Rani Member
Mr. S. Sairaju Member
Mr. Ch. Ashok Member
Mr. S. Murali Krishna Member

Roles and responsibilities of transport committee

To approve, disapprove or adjust the college bus routes and the corresponding fee structures.

To monitor seating arrangements in the bus.

To look after any grievance regarding college transportation and other related problems.

Dr. Saroj Kumar Raul Coordinator
Mr. K. Jagadish Member
Mrs. V.V Deepthi Member
Ms. K. Pratyusha Member
Mr. S. Siva Krishna Member

Roles and Responsibilities of NSS Unit

To conduct, health awareness, environmental protection and literacy programmes

To conduct plantation, clean and green, community development activities.

To organize blood donation, health camps in the college.

Mrs. K. Madhavi. Coordinator
Dr.K.Sita Kumari Member
Mrs.M.Nalini Member
Mrs.A.Sasi kala Member
Mrs.S.Divya sarika Member
Mrs.D.Swetha Member
Mrs.S.Kinnera Member

Roles and responsibilities of women empowerment cell

• To motivate and inspire the girls students in their pursuit of bright future and career.

• To educate girl students on women specific health issues and measures to be taken.

• Monitor and counselling girl in case of requirement at any problem in the campus or off the campus.

• To make girl students to realize their strengths and be empowered physically and mentally.

• To promote awareness among girl students on occupational, legal and constitutional rights.

• Conduct competitions such as presentations, elocution, essay writing and painting to encourage girl students to express their ideas.

• Above all, ensure a secure and progressive learning environment for the girl students.

Faculty Members

Dr M. Nalini Coordinator
Dr. K.Sita Kumari Member
Dr A.V.S. Sastry Member
Mrs. A.Sasikala Member
Mrs D.Swetha Member
Mr Charan Member
Mrs K.Kinnera Member

Students Members

E. Pavan Kumar Member
V.Vaishnavi Swetha Member
Nivas Prasad Member
Jivana Jyothi Member
B. Chandana Member
Y.Rajesh Sekhar Member

Roles and Responsibilities of Magazine Committee

1. The college magazine, released annually provides a platform for students and faculty to express their creativity

2. Provide a platform for students to express themselves through various forms of writing like research articles, comments on current topics, literary/creative writing.

3. Encourage freedom of expression.

4. Provide a medium for exchange of thoughts and information

5. To make students aware of the internal and external atmosphere of the college

Mrs.A.Sasikala Coordinator
Dr. Saroj Kumar Raul Member
Dr.M.Nalini Member
Mrs.N.Swati Member
Mrs.G.Vasavi Member
Mrs.V.V.Deepthi Member
Ms.Ramadevi Member

Roles and Responsibilities of Student activities committee

The committee takes the responsibility of conducting co-curricular and extracurricular activities, pharmacy week celebrations etc

To frame the agenda and list of events for yearly programmes to be conducted in the college and list out the guests to be invited

To arrange mementoes/prizes and certificates for the winners of the programs conducted.

Dr. Saroj Kumar Raul Coordinator
Mr. K. Jagadish Member
Mrs. E. Radha Rani Member
Mrs. G. Gowri Member
Mrs. P. Chaitanya Member

Roles and Responsibilities of Sports committee

To promote interest in sports and fitness.

To organize training, coaching and education in sports

To encourage participation in games and sports among students and staff.

To organize annual sports meet (intra and inter college).

The committee aspires to inculcate qualities such as sportsmanship, team spirit and bonding.

To provide necessary infrastructure for the sports.

Dr M. Nalini Coordinator
Dr. K. Sita Kumari Member
Dr A.V.S. Sastry Member
Mr. Srinivas Rao Member
Mrs D.Swetha Member
Mr Charan Member
Ms Bindu Member

Roles and Responsibilities of Website committee

1. Provide a medium for exchange of thoughts and information. To display core values, Vision & Mission Program outcomes, Program specific outcomes and course outcomes.

2. To disseminate the efforts and the achievements of the College, Students, Staff to the outer world through Website updates.

3. Placement and training related matters updation on the website and to update co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

4. To identify to enhance for all programme offered by the institution are stated and displayed on website.

Faculty Members

Mr. M. V. Srinivasa Rao Coordinator
Mr. K. Jagadesh Member
Mr. L. Krishna raju Member
Mr. Ch. Sri Charan Member
Dr. M. Nalini Member
Mrs. G. Vasavi Member
Mrs. S. Kinnera Member
Ms. Hima Bindhu Member

Students Members

A. Bhuvaneswari Member
G. Navya Sri Member
M. Shivani Member
M. Sai Kumar Member
M. Bhavana Member
M. Bhagyasri Member
Ch. Bhuvana Member

Roles & Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities of Coordinator

i. To establish the linkages between our Institute and Industries, Research Organizations, Peers, and Incubators.

ii. To coordinate corpus fund related activities with seed funding from the Institute and other sources.

iii. To coordinate various activities run under ED Cell.

Roles and Responsibilities of Faculty Members

i. To invite entrepreneurs to share their insight and success stories.

ii. To run entrepreneurship education courses in the campus.

iii. To motivate students to participate and organize entrepreneurship-related events inside and outside the Institute.

Roles and Responsibilities of Student Members

i. To make aware other students about institutional incubation, funding process and other entrepreneurial activities.

ii. To participate in various entrepreneurship-related workshops, seminars, awareness camps, competitions and skill development training programs outside the Institute.

iii. To organize entrepreneurship-related events and awareness programs within the Institute.

Mrs. E. Radha Rani Coordinator
Dr.Saroj Kumar Raul Member
Mrs.A.Lakshmi Usha Member
Mrs. G.Vasavi Member
Mrs. P. ChaitanyaMember
Ms. Ramadevi Member

Roles and Responsibilities of Alumni committee

To build and sustain life-long relationships with alumni by maintaining personal contact, hosting alumni meets and creating alumni networking

The alumni can contribute to the development of college in various forms:

o Announce financial assistance to poor students.

o Donate books to library.

o Informing about available vacancies in industry and related organizations to the students

o Helping students to pursue internships/training/project works etc

o Giving seminars on higher education/research/about the departments in industry

Dr.K.Sita Kumari Coordinator
Mrs. A.Sasikala Member
Mrs.A.Lakshmi Usha Member
Mrs. V.V.DeepthiMember
Mrs. P.Chaitanya Member

Roles and Responsibilities of Hostel committee

To ensure that girls hostel, mess were properly maintained and the food is of good quality.

Serves as a link between the administration, contractor, hostel warden on one side, and the students.

Provides assistance to students in addressing their grievances and informs the concerned authorities.

Monitors the hostel infrastructure, housekeeping, mess facilities, etc.

Ensures that students were also involved in hostel related issues by constituting a committee among them

Mr.K.Jagadish Coordinator
Mrs.A.Lakshmi Usha Member
Dr.M.Nalini Member
Mrs. A. Sasikala Member
Mrs.V.V.Deepthi Member
Ms. K.Sai Pratyusha Member

Roles and Responsibilities of Examination committee

Examination in charge is responsible for smooth conduct of sessional and practical examinations

Preparing Sessional exam schedules as per academic calendars of Andhra University, Vskp and allotting suitable rooms for examination and assigning invigilators.

Preparation of marks statements and maintenance of all records related to internal and practical end examinations

Registration of students for final exams through Examination management system portal of Andhra University, Vskp.

Display of results and issue of marks memos received from Andhra University, Vskp

Mr.K.Jagadish Coordinator
Dr.Saroj Kumar Raul Member
Mrs.A.Lakshmi Usha Member
Mr.S.Siva KrishnaMember
Mrs. G. Lekhya Member

Roles and Responsibilities

To make students and teachers aware of various herbal plants that are grown in the college medicinal garden

To make students to identify different plants and understand their economical and medicinal uses.

To train and educate students in field of herbal medicine

To achieve a cleaner and greener atmosphere in the college campus

Faculty Member

Mrs. G. Lekhya Coordinator
Dr. N. Usha Rani Member
Mrs. A. Sasikala Member
Mrs. K. MadhaviMember
Mrs. S. Divya Member
Mr. L. Krishna Raju Member
Mr. Ch. Sri Charan Member
Mrs. P. Chaitanya Member
Ms. Ch. Hima Bindu Member

Students Member

Munna Patro (B-1) Coordinator
K. Sai Lakshmi (B-1) Member
R. Lahari (B-2) Member
B.Ravindranath (B-2)Member
J. Nandini (B-3) Member
E. Pavan Kumar (B-3) Member
M. BhanuTeja (D-1) Member
K. Jhansi (D-1) Member
B. Bhavana (M-1) Member

Roles and Responsibilities

- To shape the conferences/ seminars/workshops/ guest lectures programs in the college which create interest among students on recent trends in pharmaceutical sciences.

- To bridge the gap between the theoretical concepts and their practical applicability

- To coordinate the financial plans and outputs for conducting workshops, training programs, seminars, conferences and faculty development program.

- To exhort students and faculty towards latest advancements